Noncommercial (Class D) Skills Test Guide (Idaho Transportation Department)


Non c ommercial
(Cl a s s D) S kil ls
Pre-drive check: During this part of the test,
Unless you already have driving privileges, you
you will be required to identify, locate, and
must come to the skills test in a vehicle driven by
Te s t Gu id e
demonstrate that the items listed below are in
a licensed driver. You will be allowed to drive
good working order:
without a driver’s license only during the skills
- Tires that are road ready.
test. You will not have driving privileges allow-
- Brakes, including emergency brake
ing you to drive at any other time until your
- Head lights, brake lights, and turn sig-
driver’s license is issued.
nals (front and back)
- Windshield and wipers
A foreign language translator, sign language in-
- Defroster
terpreter, or the parent or guardian of an applicant
- Gauges
under the age of eighteen may ride in the vehicle
- Seat belts
during the skills test after signing a “Waiver of Li-
- Horn
ability.” No other passengers nor any pets are per-
- Rear view mirror(s)
mitted in the vehicle during the test. Cell phones
- Driver window in good working order
must be turned off or disconnected. Loose or valu-
- Emergency flashers
able items should not be in the vehicle during the
- Passenger door (must open and close)
Road test: During this part of the skills test,
What is a restricted license?
you will be required to demonstrate your abil-
The skills tester is charged with the responsibility
ity to safely operate the vehicle and obey traf-
of assuring that the drivers tested are capable of
fic laws while performing the following
driving safely on public roads. Although public
driving maneuvers:
safety cannot be compromised, providing a re-
stricted license to a driver with limited driving
- Street parking and backing
Contains important skills test
skills may be the answer to meeting the driver’s
- Parking lot driving
transportation needs while still providing for the
information, including:
- Business and residential driving
safety of others.
- Freeway or highway driving
- Four right turns and four left turns
If your driving skills are not as good as they used
- Eight intersections
• Purpose of the skills test
to be or are limited for any reason, a restricted li-
- A curve
cense may be the best way to meet your needs and
• Who needs to take a skills test?
- Lane changes
the public’s safety expectations at the same time.
• How do I prepare for a skills test?
Discussing the situation with the tester prior to the
You will be tested on proper traffic checks, speed,
test may make the testing process less stressful for
• What must I do to pass the test?
acceleration and deceleration, stopping and stop-
both of you.
ping distances, lane changes, lane position, and
• Tips
vehicle spacing.
• What does a skills test include?
The tester will be making various marks on the
• What is a restricted license?
score sheet as you are driving. Do not be dis-
tracted by the scoring. It does not necessarily in-
Provided by the
Idaho Transportation Department
dicate that an error has been made.


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