Divorce Complaint Breakdown


This is the date that the action actually begins in court and the
plaintiff’s appearance must be filed by. This date mainly
This is the courthouse that will hear
concerns the plaintiff and what they must do
your case and have jurisdiction over
your matter. The courthouse is
The person who files first for
typically determined by where you
divorce is called the plaintiff. This
and your spouse reside.
person’ name will be listed first on
RETURN DATE: May 31, 2011
all documents.
MAY 6, 2011
The complaint must state that you have lived
The person who the action is being
in Connecticut prior to filing for the past year.
filed against is the defendant. The
This grants the Court the ability to hear your
1. The Plaintiff, (NAME OF PLAINTIFF), whose birth name is _______________ and
defendant’s name will always appear
case. If both you and your spouse have not
second on the documents.
the Defendant, (NAME OF DEFENDANT) were lawfully married on (Date of Marriage) in the
lived in Connecticut, the court may not be
city of __________________, State of Connecticut.
able to hear and decide your case.
2. The Plaintiff has resided continuously in the State of Connecticut for at least one year
before commencing this action.
All children born to the
3. The marriage has broken down irretrievably with no hope of reconciliation.
parties must be listed with
dates of birth.
4. There is one minor child born issue to the marriage, to wit:
Connecticut is a “no-fault” divorce state.
This means you do not need to list the
Name of Child and Date of Birth
reasons why your marriage broke down.
5. No other minor children have been born to the Plaintiff since the date of her marriage
“Broken down irretrievably” is the
to the Defendant.
standard language used to show the
marriage has ended without listing details.
6. Neither the Plaintiff nor the Defendant is receiving support and/or maintenance from
the State of Connecticut or any local municipality.
The court needs to know if the parties or
the children have received aid from the
WHEREFORE, the Plaintiff respectfully requests:
state. If so, the State also needs to be
1. Dissolution of the marriage;
notified of the divorce proceedings
2. Alimony;
3. Child Support;
At the end of the complaint you must list
what you are looking for. Specifics are not
4. Joint Custody of the minor child, primary residence with Plaintiff;
required at this time, but a general list,
5. Educational support for the child issue pursuant to Connecticut General Statute
also know as a claim for relief is necessary.
If you are seeking a restoration of a
maiden name, it goes in this section.
5. Equitable distribution of the marital debts;
If you are seeking alimony, this is
This is a catch-all paragraph which allows the
requested. If you waive alimony it is gone
6. Equitable distribution of the marital assets;
lawyers and court to make changes to what is
forever. You can always choose to waive
7. Attorney’s Fees;
ordered or requested as the case gets decided
some of the relief requested later.
8. Such other and further relief as the court deems equitable and just.
Dated at Hamden, Connecticut, on this 6th day of May, 2011
Marissa L. Bigelli, Her Attorney
The Alexander Scheirer Law Firm, LLC
2519 Whitney Avenue
Hamden, Connecticut 06518
Telephone: (203) 288-6955
LadyDivorce’s Guide to Understanding a Divorce Complaint
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