The Effect Of The Number Of Paper Clips On The Accuracy Of The Helicopter


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The Effect of the Number of Paper Clips on the
Accuracy of the Helicopter
How does the number of paper clips on the helicopter affect its accuracy?
Independent Variable:
Dependent Variable:
1. Gather the following materials:
a. pattern for helicopter
b. scissors
c. ruler
d. 4 paper clips
e. landing site
2. Follow the directions for making a helicopter. Attach a paper clip to the bottom.
3. Drop your helicopter from 1 meter above the landing site.
4. Measure how far it lands from the center of the target.
5. Using a ruler, draw a data table, in the space below, to record your results in. There will be
3 trials for each number of paper clips and you will need to find the average distance from
the center for each number of paper clips. Be sure to include enough rows and columns to
accommodate your data.
6. Record your results in the data table.
7. Add one paper clip and repeat steps 3, 4, and 6 until you have dropped it with 4 paper clips.
8. Take one paper clip off and repeat steps 3, 4, and 6 until you have dropped it with 1 paper
clip again. Then work your way up to 4 paper clips again.
Data Table:


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