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Guidelines for Change of Details Form
Certified documentation
All copies of documents must be certified. The University of Newcastle accepts documents that have
been certified by:
An authorised person of a tertiary or higher education institution who will sign and stamp the
copies. Student Hubs staff can perform this service.
A Justice of the Peace, who will stamp and sign the copies and include the name, registration
number and state of registration.
A person currently employed as:
an accountant
a bank manager
a credit union branch manager
a barrister, solicitor or attorney
a police officer of the rank of sergeant or above
a postal manager
a principal of an Australian secondary college, high school or primary school.
Each certified copy must include an official stamp from the notary's employing institution.
Change of Name
Please provide 2 forms of identification from the below list, one must show previous name and one must
show current (new) name;
Birth Certificate
Marriage Certificate
Deed Poll
Preferred Name
Preferred name can only be used within Blackboard.
Acceptable reasons to change Preferred Name (no documents required):
Anglicized e.g. Wong (Bruce) Lee Abbreviations
e.g. Jonathon to Jon
Order of existing names e.g. He Wong Lee to Lee Wong He
The following changes are not acceptable:
Nicknames Slang
or Titles
Offensive language or drug references
Date of Birth
Please provide one of the below;
Birth Certificate
Deed Poll
Unspecified is the officially recognised gender classification for individuals who do not identify as male or
female. You are required to provide the following;
Doctor/Psychologist certificate supporting this gender classification.


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