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Complete the entire Refund Request Application and ensure that all requirements are met, based on
the reason for the request. Final approval is subject to the review of the DMV manager or supervisor.
Please allow 6 – 8 weeks for the processing of a refund request.
Note: Refunds are NOT issued for unused Residential Parking Permit (RPP), Reciprocity or
Inspection stickers. Refunds are also not issued for unused Vehicle registration less than six
Refund Requests may be mailed to DC DMV, P.O. Box 90120, Washington, DC 20090, faxed to
202-673-9908 or visit any DMV service center.
Call 311 in DC or (202) 737-4404 outside of the (202) area code to obtain refund status information.
All refund requests must include proof of payment: (i.e. a copy of the front and back of the
cancelled check, money order or a copy of the credit card statement).
Duplicate or Overpayment Payment
Attach supporting documentation (i.e. payment receipt)
Excise Tax Charged
Attach supporting documentation (i.e. payment receipt)
Late Inspection Fee
Attach supporting documentation (i.e. Inspection certificate and payment receipt)
Odometer/Excise Tax
Attach supporting documentation (i.e. Inspection certificate or title)
Unused Registration
Surrendered tag receipt – Refunds are allocated in six-month increments (at least six months remaining
on the expiration date of the registration) and not to exceed eighteen months (on a two year
registration), rounding down.
Registration - Vehicle Weight Error
Attach supporting documentation (i.e. Inspection certificate or title)
Transfer Tags
Payment receipt and copy of newly issued registration
If you have any questions call our Customer Service Center at 311 in DC or 202-737-4404 or visit our website:
To report waste, fraud and abuse by any DC Government agency or official, call the DC Inspector General at 1-800-521-1639.
DMV-RS-01 Rev. 09/04/08


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