Database Coordinator Job Description


Database Coordinator
Information Technology Team
Executive Office
Reports To:
Director of Information Technology
Category of Employment:
Support Staff,
Part Time
Payroll Status:
Hourly, Nonexempt
Office Hours:
28 hours per week
The mission of Compassion Christian Church is
to lead people to a life-changing relationship with Jesus Christ.
Job Summary
To further the mission of Compassion Christian Church by ensuring the integrity, providing
support and further training of the Church Management Systems Database(s).
Minimum Qualifications
1. Experience: Must have a minimum of four (4) years’ experience in an administrative
capacity, with an emphasis on data entry and/or administration.
2. Education: Minimum of a bachelor’s degree from an accredited college or university
Consideration will be
given to candidates
demonstrated proficiency in field.
3. Knowledge, skills, and gifts:
Candidate must exhibit excellent computer
knowledge, experience and proficiency with Microsoft Office applications including
Word, Outlook, Excel, Publisher and PowerPoint.
Preferred experience in database
software systems. Candidate must exhibit excellent organizational and interpersonal
relational skills while maintaining and protecting confidentiality. Candidate must be
tried and proven in ministry and have a passion to share Jesus.
Candidate must
demonstrate a Christ-like attitude in words and actions, being able to work with a wide
variety of people. Candidate must be able to problem solve, have excellent written
and verbal skills, and multi-task with great attention to detail. Must be a motivated
and effective recruiter and manager of volunteers.
4. Physical Demands:
a. May be called upon for lifting, pulling, climbing, bending, carrying, and pushing
as needed to set up activities and events.
b. Operation of church vehicles.
1. Exhibits a meaningful and growing personal relationship with Jesus Christ.
2. Engages in a regular and ongoing (meeting at least monthly) accountability
relationship with a staff partner or other approved person.
3. Recognizes that our work is important and deserves our very best.
Conditions of Employment
1. Models the Biblical standard of personal conduct and lifestyle.
2. Supports and adheres to the Mission, Vision, Values, and Philosophy of Ministry of
CCC, including the CCC Statement of Faith.
3. Supports and adheres to the CCC Policies and Procedures Handbook.
4. Must be an active, participating member of Compassion Christian Church or another
Bible-believing church.
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