Market Analysis Worksheet


Market Analysis Worksheet
Conducting a market analysis will help you determine your target market, customers, and competitors,
so that you can develop a strategy for competing in the market place, and project your potential sales
and market share.
Please provide responses to the questions below. Use the Market Analysis table on page 2 to help you
craft your responses. You can also reference the steps to completing a market analysis that is available
on page 4.
1. Briefly describe what products, programs, and/or services you will sell.
2. Who are the potential customers and partners in the geographic region you will serve?
3. What is the market penetration of Medicare eligible and Medicare Advantage participants in
your region?
4. What are your customers’ pain points, and how will your services/products/programs address
their needs?
5. What are some of the recent trends and/or regulations impacting the delivery of your services
and products?
6. What is your competitive advantage over competitors?
7. What opportunities can you take advantage of?


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