Thank You Note Writing Cheat Sheet


WHY write a thank
Thank you notes can help set you apart from other candidates and may have tremendous value in
you note?
moving your candidacy forward and positioning you above the competition
What can I accom-
A thank you note can:
plish by spending
demonstrate respect and etiquette.
the time to write
extend the conversation from the interview.
thank you notes?
clarify anything you felt you didn’t articulate well during the interview.
introduce new information you forgot to mention in your interview.
remind the employer of your candidacy.
overcome any objections that may have been raised in the interview.
illustrate your polished communication skills.
Why is the thank you
It allows you to express your interest in the job again.
note a “touch point?”
It may remind the employer of your conversation when he or she might be considering other candi-
Should I send a
Email and handwritten notes are equally acceptable, but remember that email is much quicker and
thank you note by
ensures your message will arrive at its destination immediately.
email or postal mail?
Email is preferable if you know the employer is making a quick decision.
Handwritten notes make you stand out and are a great option if you know the company will take
longer to make a decision.
Write legibly. Or type the note, print it, and mail it.
A word of caution
While sending a thank you note can help you get a job, sending a poorly written note can have the
opposite effect. PROOFREAD!
When should I send
Within a few days after...
a thank you note?
an interview.
a corporate information session.
the Career Fair.
an informational interview.
a networking event.
Resumazing or any time you interact with an employer.
What should I write
First, thank the employer for his or her time.
in a thank you note?
Second, remind the employer of your conversation, by either highlighting, elaborating on, or adding
new information.
Third, convey your enthusiasm for working at his or her company.
Finally, wrap up with a reminder of your gratitude and a soft request for further action.
How long should
Absolutely no longer than a page. Preferably, a thank you note should be longer than six or seven
it be?
Make writing thank
There are many opportunities in the work force to write thank you notes to your boss, to colleagues,
you notes a life-long
or to constituents who have made an impression on you or have helped you in some manner.
Thank you notes will help you convey your respect and gratitude, and can go a long way towards
professional development and team building.
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