Instrument Practice Log Sheet


Instrument Practice Log Sheet Class: _____ NAME: _____________________
Practice Tips:
1. Try to find a place with a firm chair where you can practice un-interrupted.
2. Start with mouthpiece work – long tones, consistent sound; brass players try some sirens on the
mouthpiece and try to extend your range (higher/lower).
3. Play long tones on the instrument – work on the notes from class, play as much of the scale as you
4. Review fingerings, learn a new fingering – use the fingering charts at the back of your book
5. Play some pieces that you already know.
6. Spend most of your time on the most difficult parts of the music you are learning; work on small
harder sections rather than just playing the whole piece over and over again.
7. Try to make your sound nicer, aim for an expressive musical sound right from the beginning
8. Percussion Players – keep a consistent tempo, and an even, equal sound from both sticks; say the
rhythms out loud when practicing to get more accurate; think through the sticking – aiming to
alternate sticks on snare and bells most of the time.
The chart below is to keep track of your practice each month. Complete and return this sheet– due at
the beginning of each month.
Total Time
What I practiced.
Use the back of this page if more room is needed.


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