Tooth Fairy Letter For A Boy Template


The Tooth Fairy
Tooth Fairy Land
Dear Friend,
What a wonderful tooth to add to my collection! I'm really proud, and I'm
sure your parents and dentist are pleased with you as well.
Your tooth is so white and shiny. It's in great shape. I can tell that you have
been working hard to do your best at brushing and flossing. Be sure to get
into all the little crevices and get out those "sugar bugs." Also, please tell
your dentist "hi" for me at your next visit.
I must say, you look so handsome with that missing tooth! I know it might
feel strange not having that tooth, or even sound different when you talk,
but your new tooth will grow in before you know it.
Well, I'm pretty worn out from flying all over the world to pick up kids' teeth,
so I'll say good-bye … until the next time you lose a tooth!


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