Sample Meeting Planner


Sample Meeting Planner
Use this brainstorm sheet to think of those you want to invite, including those who have never
volunteered before or may be new to Untied We Serve.
Name: Please print the invitee’s full name.
Invite: Please mark yes, no, maybe or left message (LM). This will help you track who you need to
contact and who you should be calling for confirmation. The only real invitations are when you speak
with someone directly.
Commit: Please mark yes, no or maybe.
Confirm: Please mark yes, no or left message (LM). You’ll need to call every invitee who said yes or
maybe, and every invitee who only got a left message. Please do not assume that anybody will come
without a confirmation the day before your meeting. It can’t hurt to give people a quick reminder, and
you need to know how many people will be at your meeting to make that meeting as effective and
enjoyable as possible.
** Please see meeting planner on the following page **


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