Making A Shot List


Start with an idea of how you want each scene to look but give yourself some
room to do variations of angles. Shot lists not only include objects and locations but also
angles , distance, emotions…
These are notes for YOU to use when you have the chaos of the set, actors, time
limits, equipment malfunctions, etc. happening all at the same time. This is to help
ground you and keep you on a clear path and not forget your original intent of your piece.
And peace.
These angles become important in editing especially in narratives to cut in
between, keep the scene/ dialogue entertaining and not just the same shot for a long time,
and to portray emotion/ further the story line without coming right out and saying it.
Here’s an example!
MS of Dick working facing you and turns
Belle and Sebastian song
Jack Black singing before you see him
WS Barry entering store
MS of Dick looking exasperated but from
opposite side (view from where Barry just
entered as if he is the one looking at Dick)
Door shut
Cuts back to WS of Barry still at the door
and walks towards camera
Cuts to MS from before of Dick as Barry
passes in front of him from the right
Dialogue from Rob starts before you see
Cut to MS of Rob
Cut to MS of Barry in foreground Dick in
background as Barry changes tape
Cut back to MS of Rob looking bummed
Walkin on Sunshine starts
MS to WS of Jack Black dancing with
Dick in background
Intercuts between Jack Black’s enjoyment
of the song, Rob’s frustration, and Dick
trying to ignore what is going on.
Music is shut off
MS back and forth between Barry and Rob
Dick is always in same place in the
background but now Barry and Rob have


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