Telephone Script Template For Research Recruitment


Georgia Regents University
[Insert title of the study]
Hello, this is ___from Georgia Regents University. I would like to speak with (Name of
potential subject) about a (clinical) study he/she may be eligible for at our institution.
If response is “She/he is not here”: Thank you. Is there a convenient time that I could
call her/him back?
If no one answers: you may leave a message on the answering machine. However, you
need to be careful of the message you leave. “This is (your name) from Georgia
Regents University. I am calling to see if (patient name) is interested in information
about a (clinical) study. If so, please have her/him call me back at (phone number)”.
If response is “This is she/he”: I would like to provide you with some basic information
about the study and ask you (insert #) questions in order to determine whether you may
be eligible for this study. At any time, you may decline to answer or you can stop our
conversation all together.
Would you like to hear more about the study?
[If no, thank them for their time and hang up. If yes, briefly describe the research. For
example: The study is looking at how best to treat hypertension. If you are eligible, your
participation in the research may last 12 months and would involve monthly clinic visits,
hypertension medication and monitoring.]
This will take about [estimate number of minutes]. You do not have to answer any
question you do not wish to and you may stop at any time. Your participation is
completely voluntary. A decision whether or not to participate in this conversation will
not affect the care you receive at GRU.
Your answers will be confidential. No one will know the answers except for the
research team. [Briefly describe what will be done with the screening information. If the
person does not qualify for the study, the answers will be destroyed, or kept without
their name. If the person qualifies for a screening appointment, the answers will be kept
with the research record and the person will be asked to sign a research informed
consent form.]
Would you like to continue? [If no, thank the person and hang-up. If yes, ask the basic
screening questions. INSERT all of the screening questions here. Indicate whether the
person is eligible, requires additional screening at the clinic, or if not eligible, explain
why. If eligible, ask if they would like to schedule an appointment time and ask if they
would like you to mail the informed consent document and other information about the
study before their appointment.]


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