Lesson Plan Template


Lesson   P lan   T emplate   E xplained
Lesson   T opic/Title:  
Lesson   D ate:  
Lesson   L ength:
Learning   O bjectives   ( Targets):
Write   l earning   o bjectives   t hat   a re   c lear,   a ttainable,   m easurable,   a nd   a ge/content   a ppropriate.
Standards   A lignment   &   J ustification:    
I dentifies   r elevant   s tandards   ( e.g.,   C CSS,  
MLR,   N GSS,   M ELDS,   I STE   S tandards-­‐S)   t hat   a re   c ontent  
Align   t he   o bjectives,   i nstructional   a ctivities,   a nd  
and   a ge   a ppropriate.  
assessments   w ith   r elevant   s tandards   ( e.g.,   C CSS,   M LR,  
NGSS,   M ELDS,   I STE   S tandards-­‐S).       W rite   j ustification  
statements   t hat   c learly   e xplain   t he   r elationship  
between   t he   s tandard   a nd   t he   l earning   o bjectives.
Assessment   ( Data   &   S tudent   F eedback):
Describe   h ow   a ssessments   w ill   b e   e valuated     a nd   u sed  
Student   S elf
for   i nstructional   d ecision   m aking.     P rovide   p rocess   f or  
delivering   s tudent   f eedback.  
Use   e vidence   t o   c hoose   o r   d evelop   a ppropriate  
methods   f or   a ssessing   s tudent   a chievement   o f   l earning  
objectives.   U se   m ultiple   m eans   o f   a ssessing   s tudent  
Integration   o f   O ther   C ontent   A reas:   ( If   a ppropriate)
Incorporate   r elated   c ontent   a reas   w ithin   t he   l esson   p lan.
Instructional   S trategies   t o   D ifferentiate   W hole   C lass   I nstruction:
Design   s pecific   i nstructional   s trategies   t hat   d ifferentiate   t he   c ontent,   p rocess,   p roduct,   p erformance   a nd/or  
learning   e nvironment   t o   i mprove   a nd   e nhance   e ach   s tudent’s   a cademic   a chievement.
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