Letter Format For Official Use


Letter Format for Official Use
Department / Organisation Letterhead
1 September XXXX
Ms. Suzanne Terriane
International Communication Institute
Via delle Sette Chiese 142
00145 Rome , Italy
Dear Ms Terriane,
Thank you for your kind letter inviting me to attend the seminar on Interviewing
Techniques which will be held 16 September XXXX. Although I am sure that I would
have greatly benefited from participating in such a seminar, I regret that I will be away
on mission at that time.
I appreciate this invitation very much and hope to have a similar opportunity in the
near future.
Yours sincerely,
Jean Bouvier
Training Officer
1. Letterhead
When writing letters for department or organization matters, use
the official letterhead.
2. Date
The date should be written day, month, year (2 March 2014). Use
cardinal numbers. Do not abbreviate the names of the months. Do
not use commas.
In the upper left or right corner, type Mr./Ms./Mrs./Dr./Rank and the
3. Recipient
recipient’s full name. Under this, type their title, organisation, and address.
4. Reference
A reference number should be assigned to each piece of outgoing
correspondence to facilitate retrieval. This number may consist of:
the initials of the office/section/unit that drafted the letter,
an indication of the year, and
a serial number in parenthesis.
NOTE: Use of reference numbers can vary. If unsure, check with
your supervisor to determine the system preferred in your
Department or office.


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