Pre-Excused Absence Form


*Must be completed five days in advance and turned in to the school office.
Anchorage Christian Schools appreciates the cooperation of the students’ parents in maintaining
consistent, daily attendance in school. It is recognized that the school does not have the authority tell
parents when and for what reasons they may take their children out of school. At the same time,
parents must recognize that most students who miss school are detrimentally affected and whenever a
child is absent, an extra burden is placed on the teacher to help the child catch up his/her work when
the child returns. We will, therefore, ask parental cooperation in the following procedures.
If a student knows he/she is going to be absent from classes, he/she may use this form stating the
reason for the absence. The form MUST be turned into the office. The office will notify the teacher.
The pre-excused form should be presented far enough in advance of the planned absence so that all
make-up work can be planned. Students will receive the make-up work the last day in attendance
prior to their absence. Students will be given a total number of days to turn in assignments equal to
the number of days absent plus one. If an absence occurs at the end of the first or third quarter, an
incomplete “I” will be given until the work is made up. If an absence occurs at the end of the second
or fourth quarter, the work cannot be made up and must be completed prior to the absence. Grades
are closed at the end of the semester.
TODAY’S DATE: _________________________
STUDENT: _________________________________
TEACHER: _________________________________
REASON FOR ABSENCE: ___________________________________________
Fax (907) 269-3859


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