Example Grading Sheet - My Football Club


The Grading Process
Why are we grading players?
The primary reason for grading players is to identify individuals of differing skill levels and encourage
them to play in a challenging but enjoyable environment to enhance and encourage their football
This means young players are playing in an environment that is intellectually and physically
stimulating through education and competition.
Remember, the player’s enjoyment playing football comes above all else.
Ensure that all players being graded are given equal time
Accept that players will want to play with friends and that their enjoyment is your first
Ensure you have a clear club policy outlining how selection decisions are made and for which
age groups and genders (e.g. grading and selection policies should differ between u8’s and
all age players.)
Ensure that you have clear policy regarding mixed gender teams.
That your team selection/grading policy is clearly communicated to parents, players and
Be aware of the relative age effect ruling in your State (contact your member federation for
more guidance).
Have a defined process for informing people of selections and taking queries:
o Try to use a more personal approach (e.g. in person, by email, or phone call) rather
than public announcements
o Make someone from your organisation available to give feedback on why a player
was or wasn’t successful in their aspirations.
Try not to move/regrade individuals during the season, rather request a regrading/division
for their team instead.


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