Sample School Newspaper Template


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Today’s Date
$0.50 daily
School Name(s)
(NOTE: Enter up to 6 school names)
JA News Sentinel
Newspaper Article #1
(Newspaper) Staff
Article is written at school.
Each JA News Sentinel Staff
Headline (title): Can be no more than 50 letters and spaces
Member’s name and job position
(50 characters total).
is automatically inserted into
Text: Can be no more than 1350 letters and spaces (1350
this area.
characters total).
Author: At the beginning of each article, include “By” and
“Student’s first and last name”.
Today’s Weather
Newspaper Photo #1
The Newspaper staff will type
in a description for today’s
Photograph will be taken at JA BizTown using
one of JA BizTown’s cameras.
Title: Recommend no more than 30 letters
The description can be no more
and spaces (30 characters total).
than 133 letters and spaces
(133 characters total).
Photo: Recommend the photo goes along with
main article on this page.
The Newspaper staff will select
Caption: Can be no more than 300 letters
an image for today’s weather
and spaces (300 characters total).
from images located in JA
BizTown’s computer software.
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