Mover'S Checklist Template


Movers checklist
3 months before the move
If you're moving cities, ask your employer what moving expenses they will pay
If you have children, check out potential schools and child care services in your
new area
If you're renting, verbally inform your landlord of your intention to move - check
whether your lease is fixed-term or periodic as this will determine whether or not
you can give notice
Create a list of items that you want to move
If using professional movers, use the list you have created to get a range of
quotes from moving companies
If you are doing the move yourself, get a range of quotes for moving truck rentals
2 months before the move
If temporary storage is required, source it close to your new home
Make a decision on truck rental or a moving company. Make sure you find out
the expected payment method
Make an estimate of your total moving costs
If you have children, finalise a list of potential schools and child care facilities
and obtain enrolment requirements and calendars
Start making a list of items that you will not be taking with you and determine
what is to happen to them, e.g. throw out, sell, give away
Start packing items that aren't used often. Clearly label what is in each box and
which room they should be unloaded into in your new home by using a packing
worksheet. Make sure you take a copy of all packing worksheets so that you
can check everything arrives at your new home
1 month before the move
Confirm your moving schedule with the real estate agent or landlord at your new
location. Arrange interim accommodation if required
If you are renting and have a periodic lease, give your landlord at least 21 days
written notice
Contact the moving/truck rental company to confirm your move date
Call utility and telecommunication companies to arrange disconnection of services
at your old address and ensure connection of essential services at your new
Begin separating moving items into their final categories, e.g. 'moving', 'storage',
'disposal', 'giveaway', 'garage sale'
Arrange the transfer of your children's school records to their new school
If you're moving cities, make your travel bookings/arrangements


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