Sample Meeting Agenda Template


Sample Meeting Agenda
The following is a standard agenda for a club meeting. Feel free to use this format, or create own which
is unique to your needs.
I. Call To Order: The Chairperson says, "The meeting will please come to order."
II. Roll Call: Member say "present" as their name is called by the Secretary.
III Reading of the Minutes: The Secretary reads a record of the last meeting.
IV. Officers' Reports: Officers give reports to the group when called on.
V. Committee Reports: First come reports from "standing" or permanent committees, then "ad hoc" or
VI. Special Reports: Important business previously designated for consideration at this meeting.
VII. Unfinished Business: Introduction of new topics.
IX. Announcements: Informing the assembly of other subjects and events.
X. Adjournment: The meeting ends by a vote, or by general consent.


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