Backward Design Lesson Plan Template


Backward Design Lesson Plan Template
Eureka Math
Module 1
Make a ten to add within 20
Lesson Objective
CPA Tools Needed:
Rekenrek or Counting Buddy Senior
Step 1—Desired Results (What students will learn…)
Standards, benchmarks, other objectives as needed. What should students know, understand, and be able to do as
a result of the lesson?
Students will be able to decompose and compose to make a ten when
adding within 20 through Concrete, Pictorial, Abstract means.
Step 2—Assessment Evidence (Summative/Formative check for learning)
Performance task—What will students do to show what they have learned?
Performance criteria—How good is good enough to meet standards? Provide checklists, rubric, or criteria.
One Exit Ticket (pg. 68) students will successfully add 9+6= and 8+5= by
decomposing and composing to make a ten when adding. Specifically students can
show this via the Rekenrek or Counting Buddy Senior (Concrete), within a number
bond decomposing to make a ten (Pictorial) and new number sentence (abstract).
Step 3—Learning Plan (detailed enough for another teacher to follow)
Learning activities: Steps for students. Use action verbs
Notes for Teacher
(step by step from start to finish)
Misconceptions my students will have
At the carpet area or at desks students will work with a partner:
*Some of my students will struggle with
*Each group will have a Rekenrek or Counting Buddy Senior, Dry Erase Board & Marker
how to make a ten with looking at the
*Teacher will model 1-2 problem using the Rekenrek or Counting Buddy Senior (9+4=
and 8 +4=), Number Bond and new number sentence
abstract problem
*Students will practice doing 1-2 problems together as a team (with one student
building the number and show the make a ten strategy, while the other student show the
*Some of my students will struggle with
number bond and new number sentence on the dry erase board)
how to decompose a number into two
*Student can choose to work with their partner using the tools or not to complete
Problem Set Problems #1, #4, #5, #8 (PG. 66).
*Independently if time: Students will complete #9, #12, #13
*Students will complete Exit Ticket on their own (they CAN use the Rekrenek or
*Some of my students will struggle with
Counting Buddy Senior if needed)
the computation
Resources, Timing, and Materials
Allow for 30 mins for Lesson Launch , Concept Development, & Problem Set. Allow for 10 mins to do student debrief. Be sure
to have Rekenrek’s or Counting Buddy Seniors available for students for partner work and for independent use if needed. It
has been decided to NOT include the linking cubes and ten sticks with this lesson as it suggests.
Step 4—Differentiation/Accommodation/Modifications
Which strategies/methods will you use differentiate for different learning styles?
It would be acceptable for those students who are still at conceptual level to show the objective
with the concrete object (Rekenrek or Counting Buddy Senior) with explanation. Students who feel
they need the concrete object to complete exit ticket or problem set may go to the Math Salad Bar
to get the tool needed).


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