Retirement Bonus Template Letter


Retirement Bonus Template Letter
Suggested wording for resignation letter and application for the retirement
bonus. This letter must be sent to the SBO before May 1st.
<Your name>
<Your address>
<Superintendent’s Name>
SD#33 Chilliwack
Dear <Superintendent’s Name>,
In accordance with Article B.20 of the Collective Agreement, please consider
this letter as formal application for the retirement bonus with a
resignation date effective June 30, <current year>. I meet the requirements as set
out in the above mentioned contract article.
My resignation is dependent upon my receiving the bonus. I understand that
the applications are processed at the first School Board Meeting in May and I
will be notified after that time.
Thank you in advance for your attention to my request.
Yours truly,
<Your name>
CTA President


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