Sample Letter To Parent Whose Child Is Under Home Confinement/observation


Annex 5
Sample Letter to Parent
Whose Child is under Home Confinement / Observation
(Schools may adapt the content according to their circumstances )
Dear Mr / Mrs
The Department of Health has confirmed that a person having been in close contact with
your son/daughter, <Name of student> (P/S __ student of this school), has contracted/is suspected
of having contracted Avian Influenza. To prevent the spread of the disease in the school campus,
the Department of Health has requested your son/daughter to stay away from school for home
confinement/observation for ___days, with effect from today, for safety purposes. We would also
like to advise you to keep your son’s / daughter’s physical health condition in view and consult a
doctor promptly if any symptom of respiratory infections, in particular fever, is noticed. Please
inform us (Telephone No._________) and the Department of Health (Telephone No. _________)(A
hotline number will be given to those put under confinement/ surveillance in due course) in case
your son/daughter might have come down with the disease.
If the suspected case turns out to be non-Avian Influenza, the Department of Health will
inform your son/daughter as soon as possible to resume schooling.
We will do our best to provide support to your son/daughter to ensure that his/her learning
progress will not be adversely affected during the home observation period. If your son/daughter
misses any test and examination scheduled during this period, we will arrange a re-sit of the
examination for him/her after he/she resumes school and assessment will be made as usual.
In case of enquiry, please contact Mr/Ms <Name of class teacher>, Class Teacher of your
son/daughter at <School’s telephone number>.
Yours sincerely,
<Signature of School Head>
Principal, <Name of school>


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