Synthesis Thesis Statement


Synthesis Thesis Statement
A thesis for a synthesis essay has multiple parts:
1. It identifies the common theme or rhetorical strategy
2. It identifies how the authors are using that theme or rhetorical strategy
3. Beyond stating the similarities and/or differences, it asserts what larger idea can be
arrived at by looking at both texts. It’s not enough to say “Both author A and Author B
discuss ________.” Why is that important?
Examples of thesis statements that you have seen:
When these essays are examined together, we find that both show that on the way to
discovering oneself, there should be a focus on not only ourselves and our actions, but
also a focus on understanding the nature of the world around us.
Both authors argue that by taking a path of greater resistance, people can make a
difference against injustice which exists in society: in Bless Me, Ultima, the characters of
Antonio and Ultima challenge the choice of taking a path of least resistance, as
introduced by Johnson in Privilege, Power, and Difference, by standing up against
While the backgrounds of these two authors differ significantly, both discuss these two
opposing types of education; Freire defines the concepts and Anyon illustrates them with
her research. [I’m not as crazy about this one. I am left asking: what’s the point? What’s
the bigger picture?]
Looking at the two articles together makes it clear that geographical location can impact
the kinds of struggles its citizens face and how those citizens are able to make the
changes needed to improve the economy. Thus, we should realize that a one-size-fits-all
approach is not effective.
Examining how education becomes a tool to overcome limitations in both of these
authors’ lives shows us the true power of education; it can be a mechanism for
transforming one’s social identity.


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