Pupil Passport Template


Pupil Passport for XXX
What’s important to me
What people like and
admire about me…
To have time alone at school and at home to do
my own things
I am really good at using the
computer independently
Routine and to know what is going to happen
I have lots and lots of energy
To have time to prepare for new situations
I am very curious and like learning
Being outdoors in nature
Plenty of physical activity – running, climbing,
I am very trusting
riding my bike to help burn off my energy
I am affectionate
Having a healthy diet
How best to support me…
Likes and dislikes…
I communicate by…
Help me to be more independent and
 I can talk and make decisions for
Helping to sweep and tidy up
don’t do everything for me, even if it
Jimmy – my family dog
takes longer
I like Crusty Monsters computer game
Give me clear instructions whilst looking
Spongebob Squarepants and
directly at me
 When I am unhappy I may run off
transformers cartoons on TV
Praise and encouragement when I do
and hide in a safe place I know.
To eat sweets and crisps even though I
shouldn’t because of my allergies
Adult support to move from one activity
 When I am scared and distressed I
to another and interact with other
may bite my arm or hit myself in the
children and adults
I dislike: loud music, windy weather, lorries,
Don’t give me any sugary foods and
perfume and other strong smells
dairy products
Encourage me to wear my glasses


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