Invitation Letter Model For A Canadian Tourism Visa


[Invitation letter model]
For a Canadian Tourism Visa
This template serves as a model of invitation letter for a Canadian temporary
resident visa compiled by Martineau & Mindicanu – The Art of Immigration.
There is no clear format required by the government, however below you
will find the main details that need to be included in your letter of invitation.
This document is just a model meant to serve as guidance and is not to be
copied in its totality. It is important however to include the details below in
order to comply with the requirements of the Canadian government.
Note: Most embassies to not require a legalization of the invitation letter, a
simple signature suffices. Certain embassies ask for a translation of all
submitted documents. In this case, it is better to prepare the letter directly in
English or French. Presenting a letter of invitation does not guarantee a visa
will be issued. Visa officers assess your application to decide whether you
meet the terms of Canada's immigration law. For further information, visit the
website of the
embassy responsible in your country
or contact us at


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