Sample Satisfactory Academic Progress Appeal Letter Template


Massasoit Community College
Satisfactory Academic Progress Appeal
Student Name: ________________________________ Student ID: V00__________________
Primary Phone Number: _______________________________
Massasoit Community College is required by federal regulation to ensure students receiving
financial aid are making satisfactory academic progress (SAP) toward the completion of their
degree or certificate program. Students that do not meet the minimum requirements outlined
in the SAP policy, which may be obtained at the Financial Aid Office, or online on the Massasoit
website, are not eligible for federal or state financial assistance.
If extenuating circumstances interfered with your ability to meet SAP standards, you have a
right to appeal. Extenuating circumstances may include, but are not limited to:
 Illness, accident or injury experienced by you or a significant person in your life
 Death of a family member or significant person in your life
 Severe personal, family and/or psychological problems
 Severe financial problems and/or homelessness
 Other unexpected circumstances beyond your control
All appeals must include the following information:
1.) A completed Program Requirements Sheet or Degree Works Summary signed by an
academic advisor for your current program of study. (Keep a copy for your use.)
2.) Documentation to support your appeal. For example,
 If you or a family member was hospitalized, attach a copy of your discharge
paperwork or a letter from your attending doctor attesting to the dates of your
hospitalization and any subsequent effect on your ability to return to school.
 If you had serious personal issues, you might attach a letter from your personal
counselor, psychologist, or social services counselor.
 If you suffered a death in the family, you might attach a copy of the death
certificate or obituary along with an explanation of the relationship.
 If you are unable to provide documentation, attach a typed explanation of why
you are unable to provide it.
3.) A typed statement answering these two questions:
a. What problem(s) did you experience and how did they affect your ability to
make academic progress? (Please explain all semester difficulties, not just the
most recent. Your eligibility for financial aid may be suspended because you have
received poor grades, or withdrawn from classes several times, not just once.
Appeals that fail to address your complete academic history will be denied)
b. What changes have occurred in your circumstances, and what plans have you
made to successfully complete your course work in the future?


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