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Dear (Employer’s name):
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State your purpose for writing. Tell how you learned about the job and/or why you are applying. What is it about the
job or organization that interests you?
Emphasize specific knowledge and skills that make you a strong candidate for the job. Don’t repeat the information
that’s in your resume word for word (for example, “I have a Communications diploma and three years of experience”).
Summarize instead: “Throughout my seven years of related experience, I have strengthened my skills as a
communications specialist.” Then emphasize particular strengths you have to offer that are relevant to the job. For
example, “Your description of the ‘ideal’ candidate highlighted enthusiasm and strong interpersonal communication
skills. My strengths in these areas have been highly valued in my previous and current positions, where I have
frequently been commended for how effectively I have handled difficult customer situations.” Don’t emphasize how
the opportunity will benefit you, even if it will. Think like an employer – make it clear how you can benefit the
Describe in assertive, positive language what you expect will happen or what you plan to do next. If you’re
responding to an ad, include a statement such as “I look forward to meeting you to discuss what I can offer you
organization. If you’re sending an unsolicited resume, write something like “I will contact you early in the week of
(date) to set up an appointment with you. I look forward to discussing possible employment with (name of
organization).” If you feel it would be to your advantage, mention your immediate availability or your willingness to
travel or relocate. Indicate that you’ve enclosed or attached your resume.
Sincerely, (or Best Regards)
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