Sample Letter Of Consent To Travel


Letter of Consent to Travel
Required document for students arriving from ALL Countries (including Europe)
All students under 18 years old will need to get their parent(s) or legal guardian’s written consent to the care
arrangements for their travel, reception and care while in the United Kingdom, before permission to enter or stay
will be given
Student Name:
Student No.:
Date of Birth:
Dates of Study:
Passport No:
Departure Airport: ___________________
Arrival Airport: ____________________
Yes  No 
Travelling as an unaccompanied minor?
The student will be met by our college representative who will pick up the students and bring them
back to the college by coach. You may contact the college for futher details.
Full name of parent/guardian: ___________________________________________________________________
Full Address of parent/guardian: __________________________________________________________________
Telephone number of parent/guardian (including full country code): ____________________________________
Passport/ID number of parent/guardian: __________________________________________________________
I authorise my child to travel to the UK for the course as detailed on the confirmation documents.
I have arranged for an Abbey College representative to meet my child at the airport and transport him/her to the
residential course centre.
Name of parent/guardian (in block capitals): _______________________________________________________
Signature of parent/guardian: ______________________________________________ Date: ________________
In case of queries on the day of travel, please contact Abbey College on the following number: +44 1684 892300
(24 hours – out of hours a message with the duty managers mobile telephone number will be available)
Abbey College
253 Wells Road, Malvern, WR14 4JF, Tel: +44 1684 892300 Fax: +44 1684 892757


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