Sample Letter To Tenant - Smoke Free


Dear <Tenant>:
This letter is to inform you of a policy that is being implemented in regards to smoking on the
1. As of <date of your choice*> this apartment complex will be smoke-free. This means that
there will be no smoking in indoor common** or private areas of the property. This
policy includes tenants as well as guests, maintenance personnel and staff. ***
2. This policy was passed to protect the health of our residents, staff and guests.
Secondhand smoke is a Class A carcinogen, which means it is a cancer causing agent and
there is no safe exposure level. Secondhand smoke can travel through doorways,
windows, wall joints, plumbing spaces and even light fixtures, so secondhand smoke
from one unit can adversely affect the health of residents in other units.
3. If you or family members are interested in more information, please visit the following
web site which can explain the benefits of living in a smoke-free environment in greater
detail: This website will also link you to a number of
resources that can help if you are thinking about quitting smoking.
Please feel free to contact <Name of landlord or complex manager, phone number> if you
have any questions. We will be happy to assist you in any way possible in making this a
smooth transition.
*Some landlords choose to put the policy in place at the time of annual signing of new leases, others pick a date
and give the tenants notice and some create a grandfather clause for existing tenants. A minimum of 30 days
written notice to tenants is requires before policy change can take effect. Please refer to the notification
requirements in your existing lease before any changes are made.
**Maine law prohibits smoking, including electronic smoking devices, in indoor common areas, such as
hallways, laundry rooms and recreation rooms.
**Your specific policy may vary-cite your policy details here.


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