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42 Linneaen Street, Apt. B
Cambridge, MA 02138
(617) 495-3108
September 13, 2011
William Jones
Cohen Milstein
1100 New York Ave NW, Suite 500 West
Washington, DC 20005
Dear Mr. Jones:
I am writing to apply for a summer associate position at Cohen Milstein. I had the privilege of
inviting Joseph Sellers to speak at Harvard last year for a Women’s Law Association event about
Dukes v. Walmart. During the course of our dinner conversation, it became clear to me that I was
attracted to Cohen Milstein’s mix of socially responsible work, complex litigation and fast-paced
and challenging environment. Since then, I have spoken at length with Sarah Smith, a past
summer associate in your D.C. office, who agreed that Cohen Milstein would be an exceptional
fit for my interests and abilities.
I came to law school with a strong commitment to public interest litigation. For two years after
college, I worked in the Sex Crimes Unit at the Manhattan District Attorney’s office. I found
myself energized by the opportunity to work for and with vulnerable populations, and I
discovered that litigation can be a useful and exciting tool. Initially, I was drawn to the field of
employment law because of my work on gender issues. However, after taking employment law
as my one elective last spring, I discovered that I am interested in the general field. I therefore
am particularly interested in Cohen Milstein’s Civil Rights and ERISA practices.
While I am convinced that a summer in your office will challenge me to be a better lawyer, I also
feel confident that my strong foundation in public interest litigation would allow me to assist
your attorneys with their work. In addition to the two years of legal work before law school, I am
currently a student attorney with the Harvard Legal Aid Bureau (HLAB). Although I have
clinical mentor, I have my own docket of family law and employment cases. Both HLAB and
the district attorney’s office have prepared me to juggle a complicated caseload, to handle both
pre-trial and trial work, and to work with a wide variety of clients and supervisors. In addition, I
had the opportunity to refine my legal research and writing skills at the Women’s Law Project
this past summer. Finally, I am building upon my 1L employment law course with a class on
employment discrimination this semester.
I believe that my legal research and writing skills, my litigation experience, and my dedication to
Cohen Milstein’s mission will enable me to be a useful member of your team of summer
associates, and hope I will have the opportunity to interview with you. Enclosed please find my
resume, writing sample, and transcript. Thank you in advance for your time and consideration.
Caitlin Thornton


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