Sample Star Of The Week Letter Template


Dear Parents,
We will begin “Star of the Week” in the next couple of weeks. Your child will have a special
week when they are the STAR of our class. Each day will consist of an exciting event or
activity to honor your child and to help us get to know them better.
The week before your child is the “Star of the Week” a letter will come home or sent via
email. The letter will tell you what your child should bring in for their special week (favorite
book, estimation bag, and 5 special things from home). We will also have their Star of the
Week Poster that your kids did as our September Homework Assignment. (If you haven’t
turned that in, please make sure that you do before your child’s Star of the Week time.)
At the end of the week, their poster, special things and book will be returned.
Have fun! We can’t wait!
Teri Kolon and Kris Faulkner


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