Star Of The Week Letter Template


Dear Parents,
Next Week Your Child will be a Star!
While your child is the Star, each day of the week will consist of an exciting event
or activity to honor him or her and to help us get to know our special classmate.
Sharing Sack
Please help your child collect a few special items from home to
share with classmates. Try to encourage your child to choose items that have some sort of meaning
rather than just a collection of toys.
On the Star of the Week bulletin board, there is a photo holder that can display twelve 4 x 6 pictures.
If possible, have your child pick 12 of his or her favorite pictures to display for the class. The pictures
will be returned at the end of the week with no harm done.
Your child will need to write a paragraph including information that gives the class insight to help us
get to know them better. For example, he/she can include family members, favorites / funniest /
proudest moments, hobbies, detailed description of photos, and basically any information he/she
wants to include that helps paint a picture for us. Please remember to include a topic sentence,
supportive details, and an ending sentence.
Favorite Book
Your star student brings one of his or her favorite picture
books to read to the class (or have the teacher read to the class) at our class meeting.
Parent Letter
Parents, you will write a letter to the class telling us how
special your child is to you. Send the letter in a sealed envelope to school with your child, and I will
read the letter to the class at class meeting. The content of the letter is up to you, but you may want
to choose from one of the following ideas: describe special or funny stories about your child for the
class to hear, write a silly or serious poem about your child, tell us some neat things we may not know
about your child, send silly or special pictures with a letter describing the pictures, or write a short
story with your child as the main character. You may also send a special video for the class to watch
if you choose. (Sometimes parents have taped messages or choose to send in a funny baby video for
the class to see.)
Lunch Buddy:
If possible, join your child in the cafeteria for a special lunch on
this day. You may also choose to invite a sibling or a favorite relative to be your child’s lunch buddy.
You can have the buddy be a surprise or let your child know ahead of time. If you are unable to make
it during our lunch period (11:00 –11:45) please let me know, and I will plan a special lunch for your
child instead. You can bring lunch from a favorite restaurant to the cafeteria, or you can order lunch
at school.
Please let me know ahead of time if you are planning to order a school lunch so that I can place
your order.
Favorite Tunes:
Your star student may bring in a CD or MP3 Player with his/her
favorite music pieces. Please preview the contents first to make sure it is appropriate…thank you!!!
We will play it on and off throughout the day!!
* The events planned for Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday can be swapped in order to
accommodate your personal schedules if you are planning to be a lunch buddy during the week.


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