Sample Of Nomination Letter Template


Sample of Nomination Letter
Nomination letter should highlight the student’s accomplishments, areas of leadership, and involvement in and
outside of PLU. It should also include how the the nominator has personally been impacted by the nominated
Example 1
Jane has been an outstanding asset to the PLU community throughout her tenure as a student. She has participated and led
numerous cross campus co-curricular activities, as well as excelling academically in the fields of Communication, Spanish and
Public Affairs. She is a veteran leader with Residential Life and has served in a number of Residential Halls as well as serving
the campus community in PLU Democrats, ASPLU Global Awareness Team and the Mooring Mast.
Jane is a distinguished student who has contributed a great deal of creative leadership both in the classroom and in the PLU
community at large. Jane has taken an active role in what is means to be a student leader and participated in passionately
campaigning for Voter Registration as the president of the PLU Democrats, co-coordinated the events for March’s Iraq War
Awareness Week, and served as a facilitator for EXPLORE! – the vocation retreat for first-year students. She has also explored
her own self-concept and which guides her choice of leadership experiences and her three academic internships with the
Portland’s Children’s Museum, campaigned on a winning local State House race and working on behalf of Human Services in
the City of Tacoma.
She is a distinguished student who has contributed a great deal of creative leadership both in the classroom and in the PLU
community at large. Jane has made her mark on the residential community of PLU by servings as the Tingelstad Residence
Hall Council Treasurer her sophomore year and becoming a Resident Assistant in both Stuen and Tingelstad halls. This year,
she has been an outstanding Community Assistant for South Hall helping to craft the South Hall Upperclassmen Resident
Experience (S.U.R.E.) program. I believe Jane should be recognized for her effort to make PLU a diverse community with
creating opportunities to meet students where they are at in their own development and how important it is to have each
student voice matter. She is a well-known “go-to” student for being able to deftly capture and convey what it means to be a
reliable and balance student leader, and admirably represents the pinnacle of the student body.
Example 2
I am very enthusiastic about John’s professionalism, contributions to PLU and his particular style of leadership. I have known
John for over two years. He works with me as a Sojourner Advocate in the Wang Center. His job responsibilities include: peer
support, group facilitation, event planning, student advising, and many public speaking events. John consistently displays
leadership, maturity, sound judgment, excellent communication skills (both written and verbal) and critical thinking skills with
each task he completes as a Sojourner Advocate.
Most notably, John volunteered in early January, to take on additional duties in order to support the World Conversations
event. He single handedly recruited, scheduled, orientated and managed one of most successful student volunteer networks I
have seen thus far during my four years of working on campus. John’s contributions to World Conversation were critical to
the successes of the event.
In addition to John’s contributions to the Wang Center, it is important to note his many contributions across campus. John
has also been working for SIL this year and helped plan EXPLORE! this past January. He has been involved with the following
clubs/organizations/events during his time at PLU: Red Carpet Club, PLU Democrats, Relay for Life, Ultimate Frisbee, COTH
Week, Orchestra, RHC, Outdoor Recreation, Vocal Jazz Ensemble, Instrumental Jazz Ensemble, Meant to Live Planning
Committee, PLU Programs Board, and he has been a guest columnist for the Mast. I believe John Lute will be an excellent
candidate for the Pinnacle Society. His leadership style is grounded in his strong sense of values and his goal to have a
positive impact in the world around his. He sets an example for his peers and is a joy to work with.
Pacific Lutheran University | Student Involvement & Leadership | Revised in November 2014


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