Teacher Candidate Letters Of Recommendation - Tips And Samples


Letters of Recommendation-Tips and Samples
Consider the following tips and sample letters when asked to complete a letter of recommendation for
you Teacher Candidate:
Prospective employers look for anecdotal and documentary evidence based on what actually
occurred during the student teaching experience.
Hiring officials look for examples of experiences and strengths that will be valuable to their
school district.
Write the recommendation in the third person, past tense. Avoid excessive use of “I.”
Describe briefly the setting (grade, subject, school, term) and add any unusual facts about the
experience that may have affected work of the Teacher Candidate.
Give your honest judgment of the student now and a reasonable prediction of his/her probably
future development. If he/she will need more support to be successful, say so in a tactful
Identify the type of situation in which you think the Teacher Candidate has the most possibility
for success.
Recall the Teacher Candidate’s most outstanding achievement. Try to include additional
comments about this achievement in a sentence or two.
Sample Letter of Recommendation for an Outstanding Student Teacher
Ms. _____________________ spent the first semester of the __________ school year as a Student
Teacher at ______________ School in ___________________ Ohio. The classroom in which she
taught was tenth grade English class under the direction of ____________________.
Ms. ___________________ displayed many fin personal and professional qualities. Most
impressive was the initiative which she exhibited during the early days of her student teacher
experience. She carried out all of her student teacher duties in a responsible, professional manner.
Ms. __________________ attended several teacher’s meetings, observed teachers throughout the
building and attended after-school sports and community events indicating an interest in the entire
spectrum of activities affecting students and their education.
By the end of the 3
week, Ms. _________________ had assumed responsibility for all phases of
planning and teaching an entire course load. Ms. _________________ was creative and
enthusiastic which helped the students to respond positively to her lessons. She planned and
executed a creative unit on Julius Caesar and employed some outstanding creative writing
Ms. __________________ already appears to be an excellent teacher and performs as well as
teachers who have several years of experience. She has tremendous initiative, a highly positive
outlook, and an excellent command of the subject matter and teaching strategies. She is
particularly aware of the needs of adolescents. I would strongly suggest that hiring officials give
serious priority to hiring Ms. __________________. She would be an asset to any professional


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