Body Paragraph Example


Body Paragraph Example
1. First of all, 2. allowing beverages in class would dramatically cut hall
traffic. 3. Teacher Mr. McDaniel says, “I probably have three to four students ask to get
a drink each period.” According to NWAllprep security, “there is always someone at one
of the drink fountains and they should be in class.” Principal King commented that some
students are not even allowed to leave the classroom because they have been caught
abusing the drinking fountain privilege. If students could bring their own beverage to
class, there would be fewer excuses to get out of class.
2. Topic
sentence or
4. Conclusion
3. A minimum of 3
first reason
details or quotes as
1. Transition
reiterating point
Counterargument Example
1. Some may argue that students lack the responsibility to have drinks in class.
2.This, however, is not true. Students drink soda in the cafeteria all the time, and
rarely is there a spill. Also, there could be a compromise where students only bring
in clear liquids. This would eliminate any stains if there was a spill. A final reason
is that there could be a rule that all drinks had to have twist on or snap on lids.
3.These reasons eliminate the concern of our lack of responsibility.
2. Destroy it
1. Introduce
with many
an argument
3. Conclusion
that could be
made against
reiterating point
Concluding Paragraph Example
1. Drinks in class could be seen as a positive thing, and there are many reasons
why. 2. The use of beverages would eliminate students asking to leave class for the
water fountain, which would cut down on class disruptions. Of course, there would
be less people roaming the halls, and this would be good for security. Not only this,
but it would give the student body a chance to show they are mature enough to
handle responsibility. 3. Consider letting students have this privilege to prove they
deserve it.
2. Re-cap
1. Revisit
3. End with a
and some of
call to action


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