Make-Your-Own Chinese Dragon Template


Make your own Chinese Dragon
You will need:
- Colouring pens, pencils or crayons
- Glue or sticky tape
- Scissors
- Lollypop sticks or pencils for handles
Colour in your dragon’s head, body and tail in whatever pattern you like
Fold each piece in half along the dotted line
With parental supervision, cut out each piece, taking care NOT to cut along
the fold line
You can zig-zag fold the body (every - cm) to make it even more like the
real thing
Stick the halves of the body together
Fit the body between the head, and use tape or glue to fix a lollipop stick or
pencil in place for the handle (make sure the head goes on the correct end of
the body - like the image above
Repeat step for the tail
Your dragon is finished! Share your creation on Facebook, Twitter or Instagram
with #MorrisonsDragon to see how everyone else did!


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