Sample Letter For Parents With Child With Head Lice Page 2


• Combing is sometimes painful to the child or it may be impractical for
other reasons. In these cases, consider using anti-louse products.
Speak with the school nurse or your child’s doctor for advice.
Over-the-counter treatment:
• Head lice may be treated with shampoos specifically labeled for head lice.
Read and follow the label directions carefully and specifically. This is
very important. Parents should use caution when dealing with any
insecticide, particularly on children.
• If the package directions indicate, apply a second treatment 10 days later
to kill lice that hatch after the initial treatment.
• Pediculicides do not remove the eggs from the hair.
• You should not treat anyone who does not have live lice (or nits close to
the head) and do not use these products as a prevention method to avoid
• Combing can help further reduce the number of live lice and nits on the
Prescription medication:
• In some cases the over-the-counter products fail to eliminate live lice.
Your child’s physician may then order a prescription for treatment of head
As with any treatment product, follow the directions carefully. Ask
your physician, the school nurse or the pharmacist if you don’t fully
understand the directions.
Do not apply any insecticide or other chemical not specifically labeled for
treating head lice on people. Well-intentioned parents treating their children with
toxic or flammable substances have caused deaths and poisonings.
Alternative treatment:
• Other products such as essential oils, food oil, salts, enzymes,
mayonnaise, etc., have not been studied sufficiently to determine their
• Hand-held hair dryers may kill lice and their eggs. Because it is easy to
burn the hair and the scalp, this method is not recommended.
Treatment of clothes:
• A clothes dryer set at high heat or a hot pressing iron will kill lice or their
eggs on pillowcases, sheets, nightclothes, towels and similar items your
child has been in contact with in the past 2 days.


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