Letter Naming Worksheet - Upper And Lowercase Letters


Letter Naming
Upper and Lowercase Letters
SKILL: Give the name of uppercase and lowercase letters.
This is an individually administered assessment. If a child does not know a
letter name, wait 4-5 seconds, then point to the next letter.
FORMAT: You may point to the letter, use a mask to cover lines other than the one the
child is reading, or use an index card with a “window” cut in it to show one
letter at a time. Move left to right across the rows of letters.
“I’d like you to tell me the name of each of these letters. Put your finger under this letter.
Ready? Read.”
SCORING: On Recording Form, indicate correct responses with a check. If a child gives
an incorrect response, record the response the child gave. Leave blank if the
child does not respond.
DISCONTINUE: If child is unable to say the name any of the first ten capital letters, you
may at that point say, “Look at the rest of the letters and see if there are
any more that you know.” Add correct responses to total. Continue
with the same procedure for the lowercase letters
(Students must name all 54 letters correctly to get a rubric score of 4 on the report card.)
1. Do not provide any help with these items or tell child if answers are right or wrong.
2. If the child gives a letter sound, ask for the letter name.
3. Write number of correct answers on the recording sheet.
4. For assessment purposes, you may use letter flashcards or retype the letter sheet to match the font taught at your
school site.


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