4-Day Metabolic Bodybuilding Schedule Template


4-Day Metabolic Bodybuilding Program
This is a hybrid-training program. The goal of this program is hypertrophy and
This program utilizes quad-plexes (1a, 1b, 1c, 1d). Exercises in quad-plexes are
to be done together as one set with little to no rest between each exercise. The
exercises are sequenced in such a way that O2 should be consistent through
each day of the program.
Take normal post set rest, after the completion of one quad-plex (2-3 minutes).
Complete all sets of each quad-plex before doing the next.
Perform a GENERAL warm up, lasting 5-8 minutes, consisting of: Ankle Pops,
Butt Kicks, MB Frontal Plane Circles, Arm Circles, Unloading Knees, Scarecrow,
Lateral Shuffle, Limited ROM Push Ups, or any type of general warm up of arm
swings, leg swings, reaching, bending and light twisting
The first quad-plex of each day includes a couple of progressively increased
intensity of warm up sets. Feel free to add an extra set or two of warm ups, which
do not count toward the total. That includes for the auxiliary movements as well.
Follow a 2 days on, 1 day off, 2 days on, 2 day off format.
Yoga can be incorporated on days off.
Follow the rules at the end of each day for exercise selection.
Sample Workouts are supplied below as well.
BB = Barbell
M = Max
DB = Dumbbell
EL = Each Leg
SB = Stability Ball
EA = Each Arm
MB = Medicine Ball
ES = Each Side
BW = Bodyweight
EW = Each Way


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