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Health care executive with 30-plus years’ experience in leadership roles (CEO, COO, CFO) with a large regional
health system, community hospitals and Boston teaching hospitals.
Chosen to lead organizations facing mission-critical challenges, based on expertise in assessing operations,
developing multi-faceted strategic plans, and building teams to reach goals.
Re-established financial stability and growth in two most recent leadership positions.
Significantly increased market share at regional health care organization, putting them in dominant market
position in their core service area.
Expanded, improved quality and led innovation in care delivery programs, achieving national Top 100 Hospital
status six times based on clinical and financial excellence with two organizations.
XYZ SYSTEM, INC., Worcester, MA
$400 million regional non-profit health care system encompassing four acute care hospital campuses with a total of
500 beds, five senior services facilities and 50-plus behavioral health centers.
President and Chief Executive Officer
Oversaw strategic direction and all operations of the organization.
Following the organization’s acquisition initiatives restructured multiple facilities/organizations into three
coherent business units (acute care, behavioral health, senior services), with separate management teams, new
governance and new strategic plans for each.
Invested in excess of $150 million in campus improvements, innovative new technology, and
expansion/creation of clinical capacity. Now among fastest growing hospital groups in state. During this period,
also maintained profitability resulting in increase of net worth of $35 million.
Invested in behavioral health and elder care services: attracting grant money and university support for
addiction treatment study and improvements; and pairing inpatient acute care with behavioral services at XYZ
Hospital’s Senior Adult Unit to win the prestigious XYZ award.
Successfully managed crises, including new health insurance contracts to maintain advantageous payments to
XYZ physicians after abrupt departure of XYZ contracting network.
Developed a new culture of philanthropy by creating the XYZ Health Foundation, which focused and
systemized solicitation of gifts, increasing donations by $2 million a year.
Achieved national Top 100 Hospital status ten times.
One of the nation's leading pediatric hospitals, the world's largest research enterprise based at a pediatric medical
center, and the primary pediatric teaching hospital of XYZ Medical School.
President and Chief Operating Officer
Recruited to develop operating plan to re-establish financial stability and work toward improved “profitability.”
Responsible for hospital, satellite facilities’, affiliates’ day-to-day operations.
Developed/recruited senior management team and promoted integrated decision-making between chiefs of
service and executives, resulting in $30 to $35 million first-year budget improvement.


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