Scholarship Essay Preparation Worksheet


Scholarship Essay Preparation Worksheet
This worksheet contains the type of sample essay questions that you may encounter when
applying for a scholarship. To prepare to write the essays for your scholarship applications,
please pick one or more of the following and answer the questions in 250-500 words:
1. State the area of study into which you would like to go and why.
2. Name someone that is your hero and explain why that person is your hero.
3. Explain why a college education is so important to you.
4. Explain why you deserve this scholarship (imagine a need based or merit based
5. Describe a difficult situation that you have had, how you solved the problem and what
you learned.
6. Describe a leadership opportunity that you have had and the effect it had on you.
7. Describe a goal you had and how you achieved that goal.
8. Explain what your dream job would be and why.
Have others proofread and comment on your essay responses to the above questions until you
feel confident and proud of your essay. You can then save these and use them (with some
possible minor changes) for actual scholarship applications.


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