Make Your Own Helmet


Make Your
Own Helmet!
Art Project
In the packet you
tern on the folded
what side of real
and visor surfaces
should move up and
will find patterns
edge of stock, trace
helmets were these
should be done prior
down freely and not
(templates) for a
it carefully, and cut it
ventilation holes
to assembly.
catch on the various
helmet and a visor.
found? The visor
attachments you
Line up the holes on
These were made on
viewing slot or
may have added.
Cutting the material
one side of the hel-
11” x 17” paper so
opening can be
folded saves time
met, and staple.
Decorative elements
that they could be
made larger or con-
and insures that the
Align holes on the
might include coats
reproduced on a
figured differently.
final product will be
other side of the
of arms, repeated
copy machine and
more symmetrical.
The folds on top of
helmet. Staple. At-
patterns in bands,
used as patterns to
Folds add strength
the helmet can be
tach the visor to the
appropriate rubber
be cut out and
to the card stock just
folded out or in (de-
helmet with a brass
stamps (colored with
traced onto tougher
as they do to the
pending on the con-
fastener. Be sure you
markers, so you
material such as card
steel of a real hel-
tour you prefer and
have the correct side
won’t need pads),
stock or tag board.
met. Now would be
what you want to
of the visor up.
Styrofoam stamps,
Construction paper
a good time to
add to the top). This
or trompe l’oeil riv-
is practical, but less
Bring the ends of
punch the holes
should be done be-
ets with shadows
desirable for
the helmet around
needed for assembly.
fore assembling the
and high lights.
back of the knight’s
Cut on solid lines.
head. Check fit.
The helmet will re-
Dotted lines indicate
Plumes, wings, and
Holding the ends
quire a 18” x 24”
animals heads or
together, remove the
piece of stock. Fold
figures can be added
helmet from the
it in half. It should
Breathing holes can
to adorn the helmet.
wearer’s head and
now be 12" x 18".
be punched in the
Obviously, all deco-
staple the ends to-
Place the inside edge
visor in even rows or
rations of helmet
gether. The visor
of the helmet pat-
creative patterns. On
Insert plumes
and decorations;
glue or staple


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