Reflexive Verbs In Spanish


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1) In Spanish, there is a set of verbs called ‘reflexive’ verbs. This is not a new tense, like present, past or future. These
verbs are actions, in a sense, that one would do ‘to themselves”. For example, “I wash (myself),” “They wake
(themselves) up,” or, “I brush (my own) teeth.” They follow all of the ‘normal’ verb rules you have learned about the
present tense, but they have an additional step.
2) When you look up an action in the dictionary, and it ends in -ARSE, -ERSE, or -IRSE, the ‘se’ indicates that
is a ‘reflexive verb.’ Below are examples:
levantarse - to get up (i.e. out of bed)
divertirse (eie) - to have fun
ponerse - to put on (like clothes)
3) Let’s look at what to do with the ‘se’ at the end. The ‘se’ will come off of the end and change into one of the
following (called ‘reflexive pronouns):
(ellos/as, Uds.)
4) You will use the same present tense endings that your have learned this year for -AR, -ER, and -IR verbs. In
addition, though, you will take the ‘se’ off of the end and move it out front when you conjugate/use the
verb (a.k.a. “change the ending”). Let’s look at ‘levantarse’ in its forms:
levantarse - to get up
yo me levanto
nosotros nos levantamos
- I wake (myself) up
- we wake (ourselves) up
tú te levantas
vosotros os levantáis
- you wake (yourself) up
- you wake (yourselves) up
él/ella/Ud. se levanta
ellos/Uds. se levantan
- he/she wakes (him/herself) up
- they wake (themselves) up
you wake (yourself) up
you all wake (yourselves) up
5) Some verbs can be spelling change verbs (“boot verbs”) and reflexive verbs at the same time! Will
the fun never end?! However, they will still use the same verb endings that you have used:
divertirse (eie) - to have fun
yo me divierto
nosotros nos divertimos
- I have fun
- we have fun
tú te diviertes
vosotros os divertís
- you have fun
- you have fun
él/ella/Ud. se divierte
ellos/Uds. se divierten -
- he/she has fun
they have fun
you have fun
you all have fun


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