Letter To The Pastor Requesting Confirmation


Because the Pastor is called on by the Bishop during the actual rite of Confirmation to
affirm that each of the Candidates truly desires to be confirmed and has prepared well for the
Sacrament, our Pastor needs to know your reasons for wanting to be confirmed in order to
better determine your readiness for Confirmation.
Please write a letter to the Father Jim explaining your reasons for wanting to be
confirmed and outlining ways in which you intend to live as a confirmed Catholic who is fully
initiated into the Body of Christ and the Saint John the Baptist Parish community.
Use the format below and include the information listed in the sample letter. Use 12-
point Times New Roman font, check your spelling/punctuation and send your letter to Father
Jim at the rectory e-mail address of: . For the e-mail subject line,
write “Conf. Letter to Pastor” and please e-mail a copy of your letter to the religious education
department on the e-mail: .
Sample Letter
Dear Father Jim,
Paragraph 1: Introduce yourself. Say something about your family or your background.
Paragraph 2: Request the sacrament. Give several reasons why you would like to be confirmed.
Paragraph 3: Explain how you have prepared for the sacrament. It is important that you tell
about specific parts of your preparation: for example, your prayer life, your celebration of the
other sacraments, your service to others in your home and community. You may discuss your
saint name, how you chose your sponsor, and/or a part of the confirmation preparation process
that meant a lot to you.
Paragraph 4: Tell how you will continue to carry out your life of service to God and others
through the power of the Holy Spirit. Tell how you plan to make your Confirmation in the Faith
real and alive in your life.
Your full name
This is due by December 15th.
Rev. 2015


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