Sponsorship Solicitation Letter Template


Sponsorship   S olicitation   L etter    
Dear   _ _____________________,    
The   U niversity   o f   M ichigan   C lub   o f   _ _____________   i s   a   d ynamic   g roup   o f   a lumni   v olunteer   w ho  
regularly   h ost   c areer   n etworking   e vent.   T hese   e vents   p rovide   o pportunities   f or   a lumni   t o   n etwork   w ith  
each   o ther   a nd   e xpand   t heir   p rofessional   d evelopment.   W e   w ould   l ike   t o   r equest   y our   s ponsorship   o f  
one   o f   o ur   u pcoming   e vents.     I n   r eturn,   t he   e vent   w ill   p rovide   t he   o pportunity   t o   s howcase   y our  
product/service   a nd   c reate   r ecognition   f or   y our   b usiness.    
Sponsorship   m ay   i nclude:    
Sponsoring   $ ___   t o   a ssist   w ith   t he   c ost   o f   i mplementing   t he   e vent.    
Providing   e vent   s pace   t o   a ccommodate   o ur   c areer   n etworking   e vent   o f   u p   t o   _ ___   a lumni.    
Providing   f ood   a nd   b everage   f or   t he   c areer   e vent.      
The   b enefits   o f   s ponsoring   U niversity   o f   M ichigan   C lub   c areer   e vents   i nclude:    
Integrating   y our   c ompany’s   n ame   a nd   l ogo   i n   o ur   p romotional   e ffort   f or   t he   e vent,   i ncluding   t he  
club’s   w ebsite,   l istserve   m essages,   a nd   s ocial   m edia.    
Exposure   o f   y our   b usinesses’   f acility   a nd   s ervices   t o   e vent   a ttendees   ( if   s ponsorship   i ncludes  
providing   e vent   s pace).  
An   o pportunity   t o   g reet   a ttendees   a t   t he   e vent   a nd   p resent   a   t hree   m inute   p itch   f or   y our  
business   t o   a ttendees.          
Thank   y ou   f or   c onsidering   s ponsoring   a   U niversity   o f   M ichigan   C lub   e vent.   I f   y ou   h ave   a ny   q uestions  
regarding   s ponsorship   o pportunities,   p lease   c ontact   m e   a t   _ ________________________________.    


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