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A Letter To A Friend – Chinese New Year
4A Chris Hon
Dear Nancy,
Hello! How are you? I’m working hard with my homework. What about you?
How about the weather in Britain? Is it snowing? I know you will visit Hong Kong
soon. Let me tell you something about the customs of Chinese New Year and
how Hong Kong people prepare for it.
Before Chinese New Year, Hong Kong people buy new clothes. It means a
new start of a year. Also, we clean and decorate our house. On Chinese New
Year Eve, we go to the flower market in Victoria Park after finishing our “reunion
dinner”. It is a chance for all family members to meet together.
During Chinese New Year, Hong Kong people eat special food like sweets.
The most important custom is that married people give red packets to children.
We say “Kung Hei Fat Choi” to our relatives or wish them have a good year. On
the night of the second day of Chinese New Year, we watch the fireworks show
at the water front. On the third day, we go to Wong Tai Sin Temple to hope for
good luck.
I look forward to seeing you soon. Please send my regards to your family.
Chris Wong
Teacher’s Feedback : Chris is able to describe every detail of the customs of
Chinese New Year. After reading this letter, I am sure
everyone will know more about this festival. (Miss Lui Hoi
Food For Thought : What are the meanings behind the special customs of
Chinese New Year?


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