How To Write A Friendly Letter


How to Write a Friendly Letter
Please use a clear font (Times New Roman 12 point) font and double space your letter.
Heading – MLA format (Your name, Teacher name, Subject and Period, Date and the subject
“Friendly Letter”)
Greeting or Salutation – Says hello and usually begins with Dear followed by the person’s
name. (Dear Mr. Fischer,) Always place a comma after the person’s name. Begins two lines
after the heading
Body – Begins two lines beneath the greeting and contains the information you wish to send to
the reader of the letter. It should be five paragraphs long, and the paragraphs should include the
paragraph – Introduction, states the title of the book you are reading and underline it,
then state who the author of the book is.
paragraph - Describe the setting of the book.
paragraph - Describe the characters in the book including their physical, and
personality traits. Who is the protagonist and who is the antagonist?
paragraph - Discuss the plot of the story as far as you have read it. Be sure to include
the elements of a plot, i.e., the problem, rising action, climax, falling action and resolution. (You
may not be able to describe all of the elements until you have finished the book.) If you can’t
then just describe the plot as far as you have read.
paragraph - Conclusion discusses whether you enjoyed the book or not, and why.
Closing – Says goodbye. It is written two lines beneath the body of the letter. Examples would
be: Sincerely, Yours Truly, Respectfully, and Your Student. The first letter in all of the words in a
closing is always capitalized, and the closing is always followed with a comma.
Example: Very Truly Yours,
Signature – Is signing you name. Please include your first and last name so the teacher will
know who you are. (After all, some of you have the same first name.)
The letter is graded according to whether it follows the friendly letter format,
and contains the information described above.
Your reading log should be filled out and signed and is also due Tuesday.


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