Business Plan Checklist Template


Business Unit: Module 4 - Business Plan Checklist
This module is not mandatory for Junior Division, but Junior teams who want to learn more about building
a business are encouraged to read it. Only Senior Division teams are required to submit a business plan.
❏ Title page.​ 1 page
❏ Team name (or business name)
❏ Team member names
❏ Product (mobile app) name
❏ Table of contents.​ 1 page
❏ Section titles and page numbers
❏ Executive summary.​ 1-2 pages
❏ Your business name and location
❏ The products and/or services offered
❏ The purpose of your plan (to secure investors, launch an app, etc)
❏ Company description. ​ 3 -4 pages
❏ The kind of business you are (corporation, social enterprise, nonprofit, etc.)
❏ Your company's mission statement
❏ The important people in your business and the roles they play
❏ An overview of what you plan to sell and who your market will be
❏ A brief history of how your business was created
❏ Outline what you want to accomplish in the immediate future based on the information in
the rest of the business plan and your future goals
❏ Products and/or service description.​ 1-2 pages
❏ In-depth description of your products/services, emphasizing the specific benefits to the
❏ An explanation of how your product/service has advantages over the competition
❏ Product development:
❏ Current stage of development product (how ready is it to be given to the customer)
❏ Information about how the product will be built and sent to the customer
❏ Research and development activities that may lead to new products and services
❏ Market analysis. ​ 3 -4 pages
❏ Description of the market:
❏ Who are the key competitors?
❏ How you think your mobile app will perform and why?
❏ Customer research: A sketch of your customers, including size and demographics
❏ Competitor analysis: a detailed evaluation, highlighting their strengths and weaknesses


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