Investor Letter Template (Example) Schedule 4 To The Invitation To Apply For Grant And Grant Specification


Investor Letter Template (example)
Schedule 4 to the Invitation to Apply for
Grant and Grant Specification
Lead contact – <name of individual>
Finance provider –<name of organisation / fund>
Registered address – <for organisation / fund>
Contact email – <for lead contact>
Contact phone number – <for lead contact>
Re: Financing for the Brent Single PASS Project
I <lead contact> confirm on behalf of <finance provider> that we are willing to provide
financial support to a bid for the Brent Single PASS scheme.
We confirm that we give our consent for this letter of support to be used as evidence that
we are recommending an investment of £<x> to support the bid led by <lead service
[This commitment remains subject to final commercial, legal and financial due diligence
post the award of the grant, as well as the final sign off of our investment committee. The
commitment will therefore remain an ‘in principle’ one until the above steps have been
We are aware that confirmation of investment is needed to facilitate the commencement
of delivery by July 2017 and anticipate that the above steps will be completed in keeping
with this timeline.
This potential finance will be made available to <service provider/spv> as:
• A non-repayable grant
• A loan (i.e. repayable irrespective of the outcomes delivered)
• An outcomes-based loan (i.e. repayable only in the event that outcomes are delivered)
• Other – please specify:


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